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Ototoxicity: Medical Cannabis along with your Ears

Monday, November 11th, 2019

Ototoxicity: Medical Cannabis along with your Ears

As if being unwell was not sufficient, the disadvantage of specific medicines might have you get even worse for use after therapy. Some medications, along with other ecological chemical compounds or substances, could cause signs as severe as hearing loss. Whenever one thing is toxic to your ears, it really is called ototoxicity, and researchers are uncovering that medical cannabis could possibly assist.

What exactly is Ototoxicity? What exactly is otoxicity?


is whenever the medication you’re taking is damaging to your ears. Because of the toxicity, the medication can harm the internal liner, that may result in either short-term or permanent hearing loss.

Ototoxic Medication Types



High doses of salicylates


Chemotherapy drugs

ecological chemical substances along with other substances like lead, carbon monoxide, or liquor

Health practitioners have an idea of exactly exactly what medications can cause a greater chance of ear damage than the others; it is not most likely that you’d get one unless they thought it had been absolutely necessary. It is not unusual you additional medication in these cases to help prevent hearing loss for them to prescribe. If you should be experiencing signs and symptoms of ototoxicity, you will need to allow your doctor know.

The signs of Ototoxicity

tinnitus, referred to as tinnitus

Unilateral or hearing loss that is bilateral


stability problems