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Do I need to Share Test Papers with my Pupils?

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Do I need to Share Test Papers with my Pupils?

I’ve just been teaching for 41 years, therefore I have actuallyn’t quite figured this down. (but it is not that bad—I’ve just been assigning brief documents, like my POT “Proof that is POT of“Proof of Thinking” papers for approximately two decades.)

We have pupils within my first-year seminar write these POT documents after nearly every reading project. The concept is always to ask them to exercise their critical, medical, and thinking that is ethical abilities are just exactly what they’re learning into the course. The real question is: do I need to provide pupils test documents to read through before they set about these projects?

Several of my peers say no. I am told by them that if pupils have examples they’ll simply copy whatever they see, or simply utilize the formula which they identify. (more…)